EPI provides invaluable early case assessment tools to clients to dramatically lowered their e-discovery costs by lowering processing costs, reducing review workload, and gaining control over the e-discovery process.

Early Cast Assessment Features

• Identifies, preserves, collects, analyzes and reports the electronically stored information (ESI)
• Immediate eDiscovery analysis of your data and produce 34+ reports
• Automated recursive data flattening
• Extraction of critical embedded files and images for reducing risk
• Identify file types, custodian, date, index, code and duplicates
• Create complete local inventory database of doc. and emails with reports
• Create project
• De-duplication and culling to process and review only responsive data
• Search filter results immediately to identify false positive documents
• Search report results to document all previous search
• Match keywords relevant variations or exclude false positive variation
• Integrated QC tools to manages exceptions locally
• Organize documents into specific related topics
• Tag specific document for processing
• Multiple query search
• Support foreign language, extract MetaData, generate hash values
• Supports production to tiff or native files after