Litigation Readiness Consulting

• Data Retention Policies
• Pretrial Conference Preparation
• ESI Inventory and Data mapping
• Meet and Confer Requirements and Strategies
• Preservation Management
• Ongoing Policy Development


• ESI Collection Nationwide
• Computer Forensics
• Electronic Data Discovery (Experience with all state-of-the-art technology)

Nationwide Litigation Services and Production

• Onsite and Offsite Copying and Scanning
• Foreign Language Machine Translation
• Comprehensive Onshore and Offshore Coding
• High volume OCR and TIFF/PDF Conversion

Online Review Technology

• Relativity Analytics/Pivot Platinum Software
• Support for Native Files, OCR and Scanned Images
• Easy-to-use and intuitive Point and Click Browser-based Interface
• User Defined Fields and Tags
• Sophisticated Search
• Custom Reports
• Tier 1 Data Center (Highly Secure)
• User-based Administration
• Free Training and Support

The New Challenge

Litigation today is increasingly complex. Cases take longer, involve more people, require more information and demand faster access to information. Controlling costs while staying responsive to clients, the court, and opposing counsel, is a constant challenge.

The Right Solutions

The professionals at EPI offer a single source for legal solutions that keeps cases on track and expenses down. From litigation support to information management tools to electronic and print document management services, our comprehensive and integrated suite of services and advanced technology adapts to your needs throughout the litigation process.