EPI provides litigation repository and native review solution that enables users to dramatically improve the document review process and reduce the overall costs of case preparation and ongoing management.

Hosting and Review Features

• Relativity Analytics/Pivot Platinum Software
• Easy-to-use and intuitive point and click browser-based interface
• User based security profiles for control down to the field level
• Support for native files, OCR and scanned Images
• Point and click document resizing
• Unlimited user-defined index fields
• Support for both user and global custom index fields
• Group tagging capability
• Simultaneous index field and full-text searching
• User definable search criteria
• Save function for both user and global search definitions
• Support for annotations and redactions
• User defined field selection and ordering
• Email integration
• Support for single document and batch printing (no printing setup fees)
• Online, real-time, customizable and printable document audit reports
• Support to export custom reports to .XLS and CSV Formats
• User Definable Custom Reports
• Support to Download Documents to your local machine
• Support for document review workflow management best practices
• Live Chat Support
• No Capital Investment Required

EPI’s Technology Platform

• Microsoft Technology Stack
• Unlimited scalability
• State-of-the-art Tier 1